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A Christmas Cookie Musical

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My Story

My favorite creative outlet is music; writing is my second favorite, trailing in a very close race. I could not resume my musical outlets outside my home during the pandemic. I struggled with separation anxiety due to being separated from my dementia-stricken mother, who I was used to visiting as part of my daily routine. I also had to learn how to deal with the infertility I had been facing. I turned to writing as therapy. I wanted to write something happy, fun, and with a good moral for my future child. While dreaming about Christmas, cookies, and music one night, "A Christmas Cookie Musical" was born! 

Thanks to Steven, Joshua, Elena, and several singing friends who made the vision come to life, I have a timeless holiday book to read to my son, and I pray the story spreads smiles and cheer to your family. 

-Carissa Biele

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